Monday, June 1, 2009

Jon minus 9

I have been a HUGE fan of Jon & Kate plus 8 since it began. I started watching it when I was on maternity leave and I couldn't get enough. I have all the DVDs and I've read Kate's book. Now.... I'm debating whether or not to watch tonight's episode. Kate has obviously gone Hollywood and Jon appears to resent his family. The show just isn't what it used to be. Like when Emeril shows up at your house to cook with you, you are no longer just your average American family. Not to mention all the product placement which when I watch with Brandon we have to point out to each other by quoting Wayne's world "Little. Yellow. Different." Then there's Jon totally cheating on his wife or "making poor choices" whatever he's doing. He's not even really ON the show anymore. Like he needed a break so he didn't help plan the kids' birthday party. Anyways I feel sorry for those kids. It makes me sad what that family has become.


stacey said...

I loved the title. I agree they have gone Hollywood. Still think she treated her husband like crap from day one. Who talks to their spouse that way? And if they do how long can they take it? Bottom line is it is sad for the kids.

Kristin said...

I love this show too and did watch the season opener right after watching them renew their vows in HI...wierd. He is a PIG if he cheated on her and their 8 - count them - kids. Sorry life is so hard for you Jon - should have thought about that before you put their whole lives on TV...of course I will still watch...was the book good?